Visible-Invisible Cyber-War

From time to time, I watch the broadcasts of well-known political observer Alex Jones. I really like this absolutely charismatic guy and his team building the project. Don’t want to comment or recommend the content of the materials, as well as not share all the opinions he promotes. Something looks interesting, but other thoughts look too politically motivated.

This time, I have found his broadcast about NSA hacking tools leakage. For me this is not news, but the instrument he uses to demonstrate situation impresses me a lot.

World map which demonstrates hidden cyber world and attacks happening in realtime! Amazing!
Let’s see what the source is and what useful stats can we discover from there.
Alex uses Kaspersky Cyber Threat realtime map. Here it is:
Statistics is realtime, the country most-attacked rank changes constantly. But some average statistics we can gather from this amazing tool.
Play with this, its interesting to see how your country and your city is being attacked at current time.
Full interactivity is available at Kaspersky Map website.

To better understand, I place acronyms clarification here:

OAS (On-Access Scans) — shows malware detection flow during On-Access Scan, i.e. when objects are accessed during open, copy, run or save operations.

ODS  (On-Demand Scan) — shows malware detection flow during On-Demand Scan, when the user manually selects the ’Scan for viruses’ option in the context menu.

MAV (Mail Anti Virus) — shows malware detection flow during Mail Anti-Virus scan when new objects appear in an email application (Outlook, The Bat, Thunderbird). The MAV scans incoming messages and calls OAS when saving attachments to a disk.

WAV  (Web Anti-Virus) — shows malware detection flow during Web Anti-Virus scan when the html page of a website opens or a file is downloads. It checks the ports specified in the Web Anti-Virus settings.

IDS (Intrusion Detection Scan) — shows network attacks detection flow.

VUL (Vulnerability Scan) — shows vulnerability detection flow.

KAS (Anti-Spam) — shows suspicious and unwanted email traffic discovered by reputation filtering technology.

BAD (Botnet Activity Detection) — shows statistics on identified IP-addresses of DDoS-attacks victims and botnet C&C servers.